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Tuty Kusumawati

Jakarta Capital City Government
Head of Board for Regional Planning Development
Indonesia / Indonésie

Tuty Kusumawati, MM is the current Head of Board for Regional Planning Development Jakarta Capital City Government. She is responsible for the coordinating of development planning, operational research and development, including statistic matters of Jakarta Capital City. Mrs. Kusumawati has been one of Jakarta’s key figures in implementing Open Data and promoting transparency. Previously she worked as the Head of Research and Statistics Division. Her expertise in strategic planning and technological issues in governmental sector has made her one of the few savvy leaders with a mission to create an effectively functioning government through evidence based policy and data driven decisions. In recent times, she works closely under the Governor of Jakarta to operate e-budgeting and e-planning for the whole governmental budgeting and planning process. Mrs. Kusumawati holds a Master’s of Management from Bogor Agricultural Institute in Indonesia. She has been an active participant and speaker for numerous national and international conferences presenting issues of urban adaptive strategy and sustainable development.