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Jay Bhalla

Open Institute
Founder and Executive Director
Jay Bhalla is the founder of the Open Institute, an organization that works with governments and civil society organizations on open government, promoting transparency, accountability and multi-stakeholder participation in governance as key characteristics of an open government. His work aims to institutionalize at both national and sub-national levels great ideas that make it possible to realize an open society managed by informed fact-driven citizens and through the organization's initiatives have demonstrated commitment to the support of open data and governance. He is an innovation strategist, who helped pioneer Kenya's digital revolution and helped design the Kenyan government's 2006 ICT policy that kick-started the nation's digital startup culture, and more recently played a leading role in shaping the Kenya Open Data Initiative (KODI). He continues to advise both the Kenyan government and the World Bank on tech strategies for civic engagement and appropriate technology and also helped build proof-of-concept grass-roots community tools for monitoring national and sub-national government delivery and tracking state expenditure. Jay has worked with globally recognised Institutions and Partners to replicate these concepts to various parts of the world and has contributed his expertise and knowledge to Open Data initiatives in various Countries such as Moldova, Nepal, Ghana, Tanzania to name a few.