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Agnieszka Rawa

Department of Compact Operations
Managing Director

International development leader with over 22 years of global experience and currently MCC’s Managing Director heading a $21.8 million partnership with the State Department's Office of Global Aids Coordinator to strengthen country-led efforts around open data.   Previous MCC roles: Managing Director for Africa overseeing the development of investments worth more than $2 billion; Managing Director for Compact Operations, West Africa, and Director of Environmental and Social Performance, Morocco, Lesotho and El Salvador Compacts.  Also, 16 years of predominantly private sector-led development experience in a variety of roles including that of partner in a global consulting firm working in socio-environmentally sensitive regions in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  Led environmental and social components of energy, mining, transportation and telecommunications projects; conducted strategic stakeholder engagement; and conceptualized sustainable development strategies.  Graduate of Stanford University; recipient of the Donella Meadows Sustainability Fellowship; and fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Polish.