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Aditya Agrawal

Senior Manager, Ecosystem and Strategic Alliances Team
USA / États-Unis

Aditya Agrawal is a Senior Manager on the Ecosystem and Strategic Alliances Team at Socrata.  In this role, Aditya supports the further development of the Open Data Network by working with partners and organizations to further empower and deliver value of open data from producer to consumer.  This includes developing use cases, leveraging and building open standards, developing communities and working with a diverse set of stakeholders to ultimately enrich the data ecosystem with high value, easily discoverable open data that benefits government, developers, business applications and citizens.  In addition, Aditya also works on strategic partnerships with a variety of organizations including technology, civic and multilateral/NGO partners.  He has a passion for issues related to sustainability and resilience and is working to demonstrate how open data and performance can be applied to this domain.