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Jorge Almazora

Government of Chile
Chief of the Modernization and E-government Unit
Chile / Chili

Jorge Almazora is the Chief of the Modernization and e-government Unit of the Chilean Government. He is a lawyer who graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile; he holds a Master’s Degree in technology rights from the Ottawa University. Professionally he has been municipal administrator of Maipu´s Municipality; Chief of the legislative and international area of the National Institute of Intellectual Property of Chile, Director of research, Development, and Innovation of the Mining Innovation Institute of Codelco, and Director of the Innovation and Technology sharing of Albagli and Zaliasnik Lawyer´s Firm. As far as his roel in the academia, he’s been a law teacher in several Universities like Universidad Andres Bello, Miguel de Cervantes, and San Sebastián y Adolfo Ibáñez.