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Jeff Piestrak

Mann Library, Cornell University / eXtension Foundation
Digital Collections Specialist
Ithaca, NY
I spent the first two decades of my work life directly engaged in ag and food systems work across the value chain from seed to plate, with occasional forays into fisheries and forestry work. At Cornell University's Mann Library, I now work with and connect a broad range of individuals and groups on and off campus in support of research, learning and outreach. I'm a strong advocate of our Lincoln legacy Land Grant mission, helping realize our potential as a true "Peoples College". That includes working with the communities we serve in co-creating knowledge and long term solutions (including capacities for self-determination) enhancing their health and well-being. I'm also very actively involved with many different community and regional groups engaged in ag and food systems work. I'm most passionate about finding ways to link and leverage collective energy, insight and assets in support of right and lasting livelihoods in my community, region, and beyond.