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Abdel Tahir

Toronto, Canada
Abdel is a tech guru with over 10 years of expertise in web and mobile application development. As a social entrepreneur he focuses his talent on bridging the gap between technology and business specifically geared towards projects with social impact. This has included work for not-for-profit organisations in order to use technology to help them work more efficiently and effectively. In addition to his entrepreneurial passion, he works in collaboration with a leading Canadian health care institution.

He graduated from Trent University with a degree in Computer Science, and completed the Project Management Program from the University of Toronto. He has developed hundreds of web applications over the past 8 years, and is currently working on a collaborative project that brings web development projects and social media together.

Through it all, Abdel also continues to use his expertise to help underprivileged youth and women in his native country, Morocco. With Abdel, technology is his past, his present, and is powering his future.